About Us

Who We Are.

Axis Marketing Services PLC was found in 2012 by Azeb with partner and managed by her by aiming to prove that marketing approach need to be integrated and can address every aspect of companies. Our clients are from various sectors from big manufacturing, trading, banking, humanitarian to small and medium sized businesses that wanted our service for business development to branding, promotion, image building and finally getting return from sales. Thus, Axis will involve in varieties of integrated services that enhance companies’ image, market penetration and competitiveness in local and international market.

Our Partners

Partner with us, and we make your business will continuously increase.


Axis: stands for offering progressive marketing support services for companies’ success


Axis: wants to be a strong expert marketing service provider: by fostering the spirit of development, growth through innovation


Axis strives to fulfill some or all of the following objectives for our clients :
- Build brand awareness
- Grow market share
- communications
- Enter new markets internationally or locally
- Increase sales and profit

Want To Make Difference

Our Services are designed to meet the fast changing  needs of new-age businesses which range from one-off marketing projects to end-to-end management of sales, promotion and marketing programs.

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